I began The Office of Angela Scott inspired by two major influences in my life: the punk youthfulness of my childhood and the love and memories that I have of my grandfather. From the smell of his cologne to the fit and tailoring of his suits and his signature bowtie, my “nono” was undeniably a gentleman. He was a traditional Italian man who meant the world to me. I loved the way he looked; his style was everything, and I wanted to dress just like him. 

Growing up in California, I was the youngest of three older brothers and a tomboy at heart, and I did everything my brothers did- from skateboarding to listening to punk rock music to expressing individuality through the ever-changing color of our hair. Listen, I don’t mind the dresses and bows my mom would put me in, but I wanted to rock out bowties and skate shoes too. 

The Office of Angela Scott, for me, is a women’s luxury brand for women with confidence, who value independence, cultivate old-world attention to detail, and never take themselves too seriously. In a word - or two - The Office of Angela Scott is LUXURY PUNK.

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